Steeped in Soil Kit

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For more soil fun at home, check out the activity book available for download at


This Steeped in Soil kit will guide you through learning the nitty-gritty about soil, choosing from a variety of hands-on activities to understand the importance of soil health, and participate in a global citizen science experiment!

In this kit you will find:

  • Soil Texture Triangle
  • pH test strips
  • Materials for the Steeped in Soil experiment:
    • Green tea bags
    • Rooibos tea bags
    • Tongue depressors as markers for the tea bags
    • Electronic scale with 2 AAA batteries
  • Digital Activity Book to accompany the kit


This kit is free for 4-H members, leaders, families, or youth new to 4-H to order and use at home or with your club.

If you’re a current 4-H member, leader, or club using this kit, we hope you and your fellow 4-H’ers enjoy taking part in the third year of this initiative. We hope you will take advantage of these materials and use them to educate your friends and learn more about the ground under your feet.

If you’re new to 4-H, we hope this kit will help give you a brief introduction to just some of the many topics our 4-H’ers are passionate about – like getting active outdoors, learning about the environment, and supporting their communities.

Learn more about Steeped in Soil at

Syngenta Canada

Steeped in Soil is supported by Syngenta Canada. Through this partnership, we are committed to teaching our youth about the importance of building a sustainable future for all.

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